A Self Development Experience – in an App

This self development app supports you in embracing change – personally and professionally – in your relationships at home and at work. Just about every change has high points and low points. This app helps you deal with change and disruptive forces, whether you chose them or not.

As you read and participate in the content of Embracing Change, you are coached by Robyn Stratton-Berkessel , a leading professional Appreciative Inquiry practitioner and author, who guides you to develop in the ways you truly desire, discovering you own strengths and best qualities. You tap into your “positive core” to unleashed your fullest potential.

You are coached through 4 steps to:

  • Discover your existing strengths and talents
  • Dream what more is possible in your life
  • Design the pathway to realize your deepest desires
  • Sustain the energy and momentum to live the destiny of your choosing

You are guided to tell your own story in the most life-affirming way. From the seeds of your own grounded reality, you create and design new possibilities. You follow a world-acclaimed method and practice, (Appreciative Inquiry and the 4-D cycle: Discover, Dream, Design, Destiny), that allows you to discover your own strengths in dealing with change; you go on to envision how to apply your strengths, organize yourself and identify resources to embrace future changes. As a highly practical self development tool, This app works for individuals and teams. The approach taps into your imagination and is sustainable. coaching and self development app

Embracing Chance was recently ranked # 2 on the iTunes App Store

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What People Are Saying

Embrace the App! What a wonderful program, and in such an user-friendly format! Embracing Change utilizes a research-proven methodology in appreciative inquiry, and easily enables the user to capture and envision their full potential using a step-by-step and linear process. I particularly enjoyed, and found helpful, the various video and audio clips that the user encounters on their journey through the steps.

  Superb future visioning tool A brilliantly designed tool to help master the most important game available anywhere – the game of our own life. A tool to support personal reflection, about past successes and future plans. A tool to help build our own story to create the changes we want in life. And, it is so intuitive and easy to use.

Powerful! Embracing Change is the first app I bought for myself and not my child. I love it.In four simple steps Embracing Change helps the user focus on strengths and talents as a way to fulfill dreams and goals, both personal and professional.The interactivity of the app is really cool, and adds to the feeling of discovery. The author’s presentation of the material is professional and could easily be used in a workshop or corporate setting.Embracing Change is a transformational tool that has the power to change a person’s life. Extra credit for using a built in notepad with predetermined headings to keep the user focused, brilliant idea!