FilmOneFest I – The Original iPad App

A celebration of one minute film as an art form

The original 2011 App

The original FilmOneFest I App for iPad

There’s no doubt the world loves film. Now think about films that are one minute long! What an amazing format! Just imagine what it takes to tell a story, deliver a message, connect emotionally and successfully in a film of one minute! It takes talent.

So to help share such talent across the world, we have created an app for the FilmOneFest film festival, curating and showing the work of talented filmmakers as a way to inspire others to question, experiment, explore, laugh, cry, and unite us in our common humanity through this medium


What you will find in this app:

  • Over 60 one-minute films from filmmakers all around world
  • Documented interviews with filmmakers about what inspires them and what excites them about the one-minute film format
  • Artists’ statements accompanying many of the films
  • Past award-winning films of FilmOneFest
  • 2011 films selected by a panel at FilmOneFest on the night of the Festival
  • Selection Panel sharing their passions about film and what they look for in their selection of awardees
  • About Atlantic Highlands – 30 minutes south of New York City by water

New for 2012: FilmOneFest II

Polymash created the first FilmOneFest app for iPad in 2011. It was such a huge success that people without iPads were asking for it to be available on their smart phones.

We listened. And so this year, for the 2012 film festival, we have designed FilmOneFest II as a universal app, soon to be available on iPhone, Android and iPad.

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Our Vision

From the outset our vision for the app was much more than just showing the one-minute films. We saw value in adding greater richness to the app experience for viewers, and at the same time wanted to provide the artists more room for self expression.

So we invited the film makers to submit, at minimum, an Artist’s Statement, allowing them to say more about their films.

We also invited the artists to have their own Feature Page in the app where they share more about their film work in general, current projects, additional background, influences and aspirations, offering them also the opportunity to connect with their worldwide fans via Facebook, twitter and display their own websites.

Reading these interviews with the filmmakers can really create an enhanced appreciation of the films. It supports the notion that without context there is no meaning. Sure, we can make up a context and overlay our own meaning onto a piece of art, and that’s what is also to be valued about art. However, to hear from the creators themselves just opens us up to whole new set of meanings. That’s powerful. It’s expansive.

We also wanted to hear from the Selection Panel. They are seasoned professionals with strong links to the film industry. These four individuals have the responsibility to make the selections of which films actually get shown during the festival each year. Their passion for film comes across in their interviews.

Our continued vision for this app is to accept and curate one-minute films all year round, culminating in the acclaimed FilmOneFest Festival every year in Atlantic Highlands, NJ, USA.

About FilmOneFest

FilmOneFest is an annual outdoor film festival that shows approximately 60 one-minute films from all over the world in mid July every year.
It’s been operating since 2009 on the lawns and under the stars in the picturesque harbor town of Atlantic Highlands, NJ, USA.
In 2010 almost 1,000 people gathered on the lawns, lay down their blankets, stretched out their lawn chairs, opened up their coolers and joined in celebration on that balmy summer’s evening, watching one-minute films.

Filmmakers !

Do you have what it takes to tell a story in one minute?

Your film or video could be on this iPad app, and be selected for showing at the next FilmOneFest event.


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